Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seen for years on the pages of Weber-Stephen "Grill-Out Times" newsletters.
2014 put the BurgerGuy to work for their Big Book of BURGERS.
If you've never seen him, here he is.
Armed with typical eating utensils,
he's the first one you see when you open the book
They are quite alive 
and capable of doing more than one would think possible for simple ground meat.
More than just cooked meat in a bun,
they've got remarkable balance and determination
to contend with any and all one might put upon them.
There's always been gossip about the BurgerGuy and members of the pickle family.
Burgers, more frequently than not, 
share grill space with members of the Sausage family...
which I'll go into in a future post.
(the BurgerGuy, burgers and sausages above, 
famiy, friends, critters and world
 are from Weber's Big Book of BURGERS,
liscenced and copyrighted by Linda Kelen)
In the mean time,
I'm responding to the Issues of Demand presented to me by these bunned patties
to produce a limited edition of aprons and TeeShirts
which I hope to be able to sell through Etsy.
When they are gone, I'll have another available.
Please contact me if you have questions.


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